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Alexander Maier Kozachok! July 3, 2007

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3 July 2007


Sasha is ours! We had our court date today, and we realize now that we may not have communicated well how chancy this bid for adoption was. Since Sasha has five siblings spread all over Russia and Kazakhstan, and the government of Kazakhstan has a strong preference against letting one sibling be adopted without the others, the odds were stacked against us.



Despite the policy against adoptions of fewer than all siblings in a family, we went ahead with our argument that no one had adopted the entire family while they were waiting during the past two and a half years and that an adoption of all of the children together was less and less likely as time went on and the kids grew older, so that Sasha would remain in institutions his whole life if the siblings were to be “kept together”. His sisters in Kazakhstan are ages 17, 14 and 13 (in two separate orphanages that are different than Sasha’s), and he has two other siblings that were “adopted” by their father after he got his life more together, and they live in Russia.

More Toasts img_30141.jpg

You may have read the blog from June 20 about his oldest sister Valya who talked with her sisters Lena and Natasha about letting him be adopted. They all agreed that it was in his best interests, so Valya came to meet him and us, and wrote a letter saying she thought he should be adopted.

Svetlana (our lawyer), Molli, Rezina (the representative of child custody), Dr. Rimma and Masha


Court went more smoothly than anticipated—it lasted about an hour. Steve was clear and focused, I was a bit more emotional, but as always, we balanced each other out. The hard part was waiting for the judge’s decision. It was a long, hot and sweaty hour, but in the end she called us in and said the court approved of the adoption, that Sasha’s name would be Alexander Maier Kozachok and his birth city would be Petropavlovsk, and that Steve and I would be listed as his parents on his birth certificate.

Steve with the Ladies


So, we have a son. He is everything a person could want in a child. He is smart, kind, funny, curious and . . . Sasha. This is the way this journey was supposed to culminate, and for all of you who have been on this journey with us, thank you for your love and support.

Thank you, Dr. Rimma img_3033.jpg

This has been a trying year in many ways, but to be here, today, and to know that we have this gift of a child . . . the other problems fade . . . they are nothing compared to what happened today. Annika and Katia have a brother; many of you are aunts and uncles again today. And we should warn all the grandparents that Sasha is going to give all of us a run for our money.

The New Kozakid!img_30441.jpg

We saw him for a brief moment today after court and the obligatory champagne toast with the director and those who helped make this happen. As always he was a sunbeam on chubby legs. We are so lucky . . . our lives have changed forever.


There will be a party with our friends tonight and a party with his group tomorrow morning, then a good-bye that is already breaking my heart. For now, the tears are out of joy, and sheer wonder that this child of God is joining our family. We can worry about tomorrow’s tears tomorrow.



5 Responses to “Alexander Maier Kozachok!”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    I couldn’t be happier for you, Steve, Molli, Anni and Kats! What a whirlwind adventure you have been on and what a terrific outcome for everyone. We can’t wait to meet Mr. Sunbeam Chubby Legs Kozachok.
    You’ll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you journey home.
    love, Roxanne

  2. John & Karen Says:

    Congratulations!! Great News!! Maybe courtroom work is Steve’s true calling?

    Have a safe journey home.

    John, Karen & Lukas

  3. Anni,Katia,Nana Mary, and Pooka Bob Says:

    Dear Mom and Dad,
    It’s fantastic that Sasha can be a part of our family!!!
    When Clara came over, she made a new `raft` in the pool, before that we had picked some raspberries, then,
    after that, we looked at the photo albums: one had a
    picture of Hannah (our dog we used to have, remember?),
    and one album had a picture of your fifth anniversery!
    And, after all that, we hung out, took goofy pictures
    of each other,(Clara had her camera in her bag), and
    listened to Kidz Bop 10. After dinner,we went on a walk
    and then we (Nana Mary and I) played jump-rope.Nana and
    the chair were twirlers,and after I (Katia) jumped in,I jumped
    30 times (in a row!)We love you and hope you’ll get safely home.It’ll be great to welcome Sasha home!!!!
    Love and safe journeys home,
    Pooka Bob, Nana Mary, Kats,

  4. Jane Cavanaugh Says:

    YEAH!!!! We are so, so, so happy for you! What a road, but how wonderful it has turned out! The three weeks will fly and the rest of your lives will begin as a big, happy KOZACHOK family! God Bless and safe travels!
    Jane and Jason

  5. Jane Cavanaugh Says:

    ps – I’ve never seen Steve so tan!!!!

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