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July 2, 2007

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2 July 2007



This was another good day, but the feeling is bittersweet. Our court date is tomorrow morning at 10:00 (if any of you are inclined to be up and giving off good energy at 11:00 p.m. central time, feel free to send it on over to all of us) and we have other business to take care of, so we may not see the Sashmeister. We fly out to Almaty on Wednesday at 2:00 and will have a party with Sasha and his group at 10:00 but won’t be able to stay too long . . . so today was our last real play day.


We have evolved into a sense of comfortableness in our relationship and it is not easy to leave that behind, even if it is for only three weeks. The huge benefit of leaving is being able to see Katia and Annika (and all the rest of you) again, hence the bittersweet feeling.


Our lawyer, Svetlana, is flying in today to meet with us and prepare for court. She and Masha will be here in just a bit, so you will get more photos than words today. The highlights of our time today: Steve captured the Mama hug on film, Sasha saw chee tee ree (four) machinas, Papa and Sash played 1-2-3, Sash had his snacks and was generally cute and agreeable all day.


At the end of our time Masha talked with him and told him that we won’t be coming tomorrow in the morning, and that we will try to come in the afternoon, but that also may not happen. She told him he shouldn’t worry about us, that we will see him on Wednesday, and he said in his little voice, “I will worry.” Those three words have tears running down my cheeks . . .


We hope to report good news after court tomorrow—keep us all in your prayers!


img_29251.jpg Mama!


Papa Helping Sasha Open His Superman Lunchbox




Seeing Masha Again! (It was two whole days.)


img_29441.jpg 1-2-3!




Papa’s Scratchy Cheek


img_2947.jpg Small Boy, Big World



This Seems to be a Great Watering Technique


img_2928.jpg Adin (1) Machina

Dva (2) Machina img_2961-copy.jpg

Tree (3) Machina img_2962.jpg

Cheeteeree (4) Machina! img_2963.jpg


Vada and Conversation with Mama

I will worry.



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