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Playground Action June 29, 2007

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29 June, 2007

Sasha Time

The weather was beautiful today so we were outside again. There were no new toys, so after Sasha ransacked the tan bag he was left with pretzel goldfish, six m & m’s and some juice. He makes quick work of the juice. There is focus and determination as he powers that down. Great progress has been made with the juice box, we believe he is employing the suck rather than squish method because there is a lot less juice on everything around him now.

Sasha has now tried three varieties of goldfish, the classic, cheddar and pretzel. Both Steve and I prefer the pretzel, but they were a bit dry for our little guy. He was surprised at how much more he had to chew today, but he did get them down pretty quickly.

The m & m color game is progressing nicely. I pick out an m & m, say the color, tell him “Skazjee, red” which he says, then we find it in our picture dictionary and today we introduced finding a marker of the same color. He liked the added dimension and was inspired after looking at and saying and eating “green” to find other things in the picture dictionary that were green. He is a quick study. Especially if chocolate is involved.

img_2796.jpg 1-2-3!

Steve has introduced the game that is now called 1-2-3 (because the fun part always happens after three). In this game Steve hurls the little butterball into the air. I have tried to do it but lose steam after just two or three throws. Sasha keeps Papa throwing him by counting in English and saying “More! More!” when Steve is ready for a break. We should both be in better shape when we come home—we had forgotten how much little kids can wear you out!

img_2786.jpg Jumbo Stroller for One

Sasha pushed the limits today by leaving the playground to go sit in the jumbo stroller. We all went with him and told him we couldn’t take it out because it wasn’t ours. Again, his ability to stick to an idea shined through our cloudy outlook.



Mama attempting to negotiate our way out of the giant stroller

We never did go for a stroller ride but we did all stand around by it for about five minutes. He liked to buckle himself in (this should be good when he has to sit in a car seat) and the way we finally got him away from the stroller was for Papa to ask, “Koychish 1-2-3?” (Do you want 1-2-3?) The answer was a resounding yes!


img_2801.jpg Sand Time—Always Good

We had a little sand time today—Steve buried Sasha’s hands and this was a marvelous trick.


img_2785.jpg Swing Time, Also Always Good

Swinging is a staple, and I am racking my brain for the nearest park with swings. If worse comes to worse we will ask our neighbors two blocks down—I am sure they wouldn’t mind us showing up in their back yard 2-3 times a day.


img_2818.jpg Papa napping in the Yurt

At the end of our visit today we were in the Music Room for about ten minutes and in that time Steve went into the Yurt to lie down. Sasha was so sweet—he picked up two little blankets and put them over Steve to aid the napping process.


img_2819.jpgBefore we left Steve returned the favor


We don’t have much to show for the other 22 hours. I have had a lot of headaches over the past four days and Steve is working a lot, so we have stuck closer to home. We are meeting two other families for dinner tonight at the “Blini-dom” where they prepare both sweet and savory crepes like items. We are going translator free, which always makes restaurant eating more entertaining.

Tomorrow we are visiting Sash with out Masha . . . she has been stepping out of our time together a little more each day—she doesn’t have to be with us now because we have completed our bonding period. Oddly enough, we don’t “have” to visit any more, but since that is the highlight of our day we will continue to see Sash until we leave.



One Response to “Playground Action”

  1. sue and rich Says:

    Hey Molli, Steve and Sasha –
    We continue to enjoy reading about your wonderful journey. You will all be great guest visitors for the world tour! I have not seen TROUBL and E around at all, but I’m sure I’ll hear their squeals of delight on the 6th. I’m sure they will be delighted to see you in your new shorts, highheels, and fur hat – and Steve in his bodysuit – oh what a sight! Hugs. Sue and Rich

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